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Hi, my name is prospective student…

Hi, my <span id="more-8644"></span>name is prospective student…

I have lived in Los Angeles my life that is entire and I don’t ever recall meeting anybody famous, despite having Hollywood in my yard. But, because of USC, i’m like we’ve become somewhat of a celebrity among America’s teenagers (well, not to ever the level of Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber) because thousands of students want to meet me personally every fall. As much as I’d like to think it’s me personally, high school seniors wish to make sure I understand their strong interest in USC. They take time to meet me personally at high school visits, at off-campus receptions, and during their campus visits. The goal: to be sure I can put a real face to a title on an application. I do not blame them. USC is an place that is extraordinary students can visited achieve their academic goals and prepare themselves because of their future careers. But as you are able to imagine, I meet tens of thousands of students throughout the fall semester and while i really take the time to keep in mind as numerous students as possible, I’m not getting any younger and my memory seriously isn’t the exact same.

My blog series ‘Do This, Not That’ is inspired by a book provided to me by my mom: Eat This, Not That (she thinks I require to drop a few lbs but that’s maybe not going to happen. Los Angeles’ diverse cultures has me trying various meals all time!) Having said that, I’m right here to provide you with some advice on how to contact your admission counselor and make sure it is a experience that is meaningful both events. Every morning I am greeted with more than 40 emails and instantly tell myself: ‘this will probably be a long time.’ But through them, I realize these emails are from prospective students who want to ‘introduce’ themselves to me as I filter. Turns out, only four email messages have actually concerns that I have to answer. Three of them have quick easy responses (I’m happy we have this type of website that is thorough I always refer to it when I do not keep in mind something). The very last one, this one is special. A student asks me a question i have no idea the answer to and I can not discover the answer on the website. I’ll simply take this challenge! My duty as admission therapist would be to verify my students are well informed applicants. I understand this process is confusing and hard to navigate but We will do my best to simplify things for you. I will do my homework and respond to your question. I actually don’t have most of the answers so when student asks me one thing I really don’t know, they’re sharpening my skills. We appreciate this kind of conversation with students because this lets me know they want to make sure USC is a good fit for them that they are taking this admission process very seriously and. So I challenge you to challenge your admission counselor and inquire further questions for your benefit. We’re ready!

5 Things to Double Always Check Before Hitting Publish.

1. You have got done all fields that are necessary the applying

This may appear like typical sense, but with so many response fields to complete, it’s rather easy to inadvertently skip or forget a question. Be yes to respond to all relevant questions making sure that you distribute an application that is complete.

2. No errors or typos

We realize that senior year is just a time that is busy but positively leave time shmoop best essay writing service and energy to proofread the job. Have friend or family member do exactly the same for you personally. A credit card applicatoin that is riddled with errors implies that you don’t understand how to write and/or don’t care enough to check your work, both of that are detrimental.

3. You actually explain why you need to attend USC, be specific

Most colleges will ask question comparable to ‘Why do you want to attend our institution?’ Instead than being generic and stating you want a college with school spirit, in a large city, where you could study biology, do your research and mention specific programs, research opportunities, or classes that interest you.

4. Academic summary and self-reported supplemental test scores

Even though your academic history and self-reported test scores appear as optional things, it is in your benefit to accomplish them on the application that is common. Often test scores or transcripts can get lost into the mail, if you self-report the information as well so it helps. This way we can continue to judge your file for the time being while waiting for the official papers to arrive.

5. That you truly hit the submit button…for both app that is common supplement

Every there are students who surprisingly forget to actually hit the submit button year. Additionally often, students hit submit for the common software, but forget to submit the USC Supplement. It might be the simplest component regarding the application, but make sure you don’t forget that last step.

*Deadlines are very important so please bear in mind that you must submit by December 1st to be looked at for merit scholarship. With that being said, we all know some things are out of your control such as letters of recommendation and official transcripts. That is another explanation you will need to fill out your academic summary, as we can evaluate that in the meantime once we watch for official documents to arrive. Attempt to have all documents in by December 1st, but we comprehend if some of those documents that are supplemental in a little following the deadline.

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